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Cana Consultancy, are the leading professional services firm in assisting fast moving consumer goods (fmcg) and foodservice companies to grow. Be it an early stage or established company, we do this by optimising their operating model, defining a clear commercial strategy and organisational planning.

Though we appreciate that each business is a different organic entity, with its own set of requirements, at Cana Consultancy we help in building better business by focusing on the key areas for strategic development and growth:

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Channel Development

 Channel Development is the mapping out of the various trade sector categorized channels in both Foodservice and Retail Grocery and aligning a business plan against each channel and how to execute with what products/categories.

Typically the Foodservice Channel has 11 distinct channels from Hotels, Restaurants, QSR, Contract Catering, Business, Industry, Education, wholesale, Manufacturing, Bakery etc. Grocery Channels are typically split into Multiples, Symbol Groups, Cash & Carry Wholesale and sub sections of convenience, impulse, food to go. More recently there is a blurring of lines between the classical retail and Foodservice channels the term ‘Foodvenience’ is now appearing frequently in the symbol group sector (e.g. Spar)


Category Development

Can be supported in much the same way as Channel development in that we start with a blank canvass and map out where we are today, map out our competition, map out growth categories and SKU’s, talk to our customers, and start plugging the obvious gaps. We also use modern data analytic platforms to support our decisions and have a proven successful track of product / NPD innovation


New Product Development

Forms part of the Category Development exercise largely, however we also support and have worked extensively on ad-hoc NPD, in particular Private Label Innovation.

We can support and take the business through the various E-Tender stages in securing PL business and also the sourcing of product, quality assurances, packaging and branding gridline workings, right up to launch in a proven timely manner. We have also worked on large industrial NPD projects where the Technical expertise and how this is delivered to the customer is key to landing these large contracts


Business & Asset Acquisition

Is our Core Strength. In less than 4 months we have worked on, discussed and planned the merger and acquisition of over 5 SME food business’ in the UK & Ireland.

We work for private equity companies, private individuals and also larger well established companies looking to expand rapidly by acquiring into categories not already in play. We have a tried and tested method of sourcing potential enterprises, meeting and discussing potential sale and or part sale or merger or investment growth opportunities and close deals all within very tight time frames.

We do not use the traditional method of ‘times ebitda’ to value successful enterprises and we look at all angles of the business, in particular its future growth potential, its supply chain stability,  and its people.


Process deployment

To business that need that extra structure to enhance and achieve faster growth. Process deployment work can be installing and utilizing a new form of process software but more often it can be a simple new weekly & monthly agenda timetable process with clearly identifiable who owns what alignment and who drives each segment (organisational dotted line matrix inclusion to business)


Strategic Focus and Commercial Planning

Form somewhat the same discipline. We support the business in this are by commencing to build to a 3 year plan (category & channel). Plans can, and do change however year 1 should be built with most effort. For larger enterprises we suggest building plans from bottom up. Each category is reviewed and overlapped with in-sights and future trends, gaps, innovation plans, promotional planning, pricing agenda, mix and then Channel plans are simultaneously developed by growth channel, form of execution, people energies drive, Kpi’s to drive growth and so on. Both Category and Channel (by product by customer) then feeds up into Overhead planning


Integration and Transformation

And in some way this ties into Business and Asset Acquisition in that it is ‘post’ purchase/ acquisition.

We have experience in acquiring and merging companies with staff numbers under 15 to companies with staff numbers over 100 FTE’s . We work hard to identify the new customer facing proposition and who sits in what box. On occasion we have external project management support to ensure seamless IT integration and platform alignment.

Our core strength during Business Transformation stage is range and category redefinition and people structures to enhance and grow the business at a faster Pace.


Product Procurement

We help business’ to procure products in key ambient food and beverage categories all across Europe.

We advise on best purchasing strategies such as FX Currency, shipping arrangement, manufacturer deals, the right manufacturers, packaging options and costs, and place them directly in front of key People, influencers and business owners


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